Ardian Amiti (@Venentine)

Narrative Director, Assistant Programmer, Co-Developer, Tweet Monkey

Exists in a superposition of living in Chicago and the Macedonian wilderness. Speaks 4 languages. Not to be trusted with matches or lighters. Convinced the others into making a game, somehow. Does most of the writing and some programming.

Michael Walsh

Lead Programmer, Co-Developer, Art Director, Human-Android Relations

Location classified. Collects funny socks. Might be made of metal. The main brain behind our programming and art.

Vincent Hall

Contributing Artist, Motivational Speaker, Legal Consultant, Illegal Consultant

Does not contribute anything of value. Last seen entering a dumpster behind a Pizza Hut.

Devyn Whalen

Web Wizard, Interdimensional Associate, Voice of Reason, Devyn

Zach Quick

Sound & Music Director, Artist, Level Designer, Professional Dong Player

The Melody Man. Part bear, part beer. You will move and groove at his whim.